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Seed tomorrow with wise choices today!

Have you ever had a moment of yearning for more confidence? Thought about what you could achieve if you only had more confidence? Perhaps we can learn from Heisman trophy winner and former NFL quarterback, Roger Staubach:

Confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s a result of something. Hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.

Darn. It’d be a lot more appealing if confidence came from something more instant; something easier; however, here’s the obvious deal . . . you want more confidence? Then, DO something. DO something consistently. In the DOING we not only achieve an end results, we also increase confidence that translates into all we do. Hip hip hurray to days and years of constant work and dedication!

Life is calling . . . Make choices today for a better tomorrow. Today’s the day!

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Okay, so we’re three weeks into the New Year . . . are you still acting in ways you promised yourself at the beginning of the month? I ask because, when results don’t occur quickly, I often get discouraged easily and then, give up. While I struggle to stay diligent to my personal commitments, I’m reminding myself of what the persistent inventor Thomas A. Edison said:

Nearly everyman who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible and then gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged.

Wherever you are right now is not the place to get discouraged. Stay focused, remain deliberate and disciplined, and do not let discouragement allow you to stray from your desired outcomes. It’s too early in the process for results. Stay the course and outcomes will follow.

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I’ve written about this topic before. You know the old adage: you write about/teach what you need to learn . . . that’s been profoundly true in my life! So, as I begin 2010 by planning and setting goals in the highest priority areas of my life, I’ve written a message to myself and taped it onto my mirror as a daily reminder of what George Bernard Shaw learned and shared:

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

This year: less searching, commiserating, procrastinating and excuse-making and more creation. This year, I shall act my way, daily, into becoming who I desire to be (as I write this, a parallel thought is racing through my head: Oh Lord, accountability is imbedded in that statement!) So, please hold my hand through this Year of Grace!

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December 31st at 11:59 pm, we raised a glass of champagne to mom as she calmly laid in her own bed, surrounded by family who love her. As she took her last breaths, everyone in the room helped make her transition home as comfortable, loving and sacred as possible. Those who knew mom were blessed by her kindness. My husband, Curt, has always described her as the kindest person I know (so, enough with the mother-in-law jokes).

I observed precious tears in our daughter’s eyes as she read her husband’s entry in Facebook just hours after her Gramma passed over: Thinking about the passing of the sweetest woman I know. As a wife, mother, daughter and friend, I knew in that moment she was quietly experiencing a bonding with her husband that would grace their relationship with eternal devotion.

There are not words descriptive enough to thank those who have provided sustenance for us through this all too long goodbye. Alzheimer’s is a devouring disease that affects everyone in its path. I am beyond grateful for the words, memories, kindness and support we’ve received as we’ve struggled through this journey. Not everyone gets the luxury of helping their loved ones leave Earth with love, grace and comfort. Thank you Vanna Novak, professional speaker, speaking coach and spiritual sister for these consoling words:

. . . you were with her in the deepest sense of the word, right up to the very moment she passed on. You lovingly helped her out of this world, just as she brought you into it. The Circle is complete as was the love that you shared.

In honor of mom, I name 2010 as the Year of Grace (thank you Leslie Charles for teaching me to name years). Applying daily Random Acts of Kindness means practicing mom’s disciplined, deliberate kindness and carrying on the legacy of a life that mattered.

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